08 Juni, 2012

Virtual Reality - Headmounted Display - finally someone cares about!

It's been 1992 or so that I first tried VR Goggles when this idea was brand new - and everybody thought this will hit the gameing market soon. So this was 20 Years ago! Some 3D Goggles, Headtrackers and stuff were made - but nothing as cool as we imagined back then... Now I found John Carmack finally doing exactly what I dreamed about. This looks very promising and he is nerd enough to make us some good stuff :-) Thanks John!

04 Juni, 2012

Tech-Tipp: Everquest2 with facial tracking!

Just saw this and was amazed at how far computergames have progressed since I started wasting my time with them ;-) Now that I'm older I look for games that are not a total waste of time. And this task is quite hard - technologically there would be literally no limits these days - but the gamers reality looks quite differen (take Kinect as an example...)